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Meet Our Trainer

Hello! I am Emily, the owner/operator and Head Trainer at Flipp'N Dog Training.  I have worked with dogs for the last six years. Dogs have always been a passion of mine and I thoroughly enjoy working with the dogs and puppies that go through our Puppy Training Program.  It has been amazing to watch these dogs change and develop into obedient, good canine citizens.  We are able to help the dogs understand and also work with the families on how to manage and get the best life with their fellow canine companion.  We are able to flip the dogs from having no skills or bad behaviors into advanced, obedient dogs.  I am the mother of three amazing kids that love to help with the puppies' training and help the dogs with kids socialization.  I am married to the love of my life and my other hobbies include swimming and real estate as a licensed agent.

We Love Our Clients

"Worth Every Penny"

"Wonderful Experience"

Highly Recommend"

“I used Emily Stark for my puppy training on my King Charles Cavalier named Poppy.  She had her for one month and it was worth every penny!  She kennel trained her, potty trained her, taught her to ring a bell to go outside, and some basic tricks.  Emily trains her dogs in her home so there is always a lot going on. When we brought Poppy home, it wasn't a huge change for her because she was used to little kids and the coming and goings of everyday life.  I would 1000% recommend Emily to anyone looking for help with their puppies or even older dogs.  She is amazing!”

Ali Shiozawa

"We recently purchased a new golden lab puppy (after having our lab for 12 years).   Not having a puppy in the house for quite some time and recently becoming empty nesters, my husband and I had no clue how to handle his behavior. On our first visit Emily made my husband and I feel very comfortable and we both saw a huge improvement in Kalvin's behavior after the first 5 minutes of our visit.  Emily showed us several tips and tricks to begin working on our issues with Kalvin and his behaviour.    Overall it has been a wonderful experience and we highly recommend her to anyone in need of training."  

"A well-trained dog is a happy and safe dog.  Emily's skills and talent helped us foster a more harmonious companionship with our dog, Pearl.  We won't have another "fur baby" without using her services.  People have commented on her well trained disposition, even our vet was impressed.  We highly recommend Emily."

R & J Bigelow

Mindy Hall

"The Absolute Best"

"My four month old puppy, Gronk, was having a hard time with nipping, socializing with other kids/dogs, and leash walking.  He spent about 3 weeks with Emily and when I brought him home, he was a completely different dog!  His leash walking and automatic sits, crate behavior, ability to understand/follow commands, socialization with kids/other dogs, and overall temperament has improved tenfold.  He now acts more like a mature dog, as opposed to a wild puppy.  Gronk was able to socialize with other dogs and kids while at Emily's which was a huge bonus.  Emily sent me updates and kept me in the loop on his progress the entire time.  She took the time to show me how to keep up his training regiment at home.  Emily is the absolute best!"

"Very Impressive"

"Our five month old standard poodle spent two weeks with Emily and we could not believe the miracles she worked with our pup!  We watched countless youtube videos, trying to find the tools we'd need to address some problem behaviors with no luck!  We have kids in our home and having a dog that was gentle, obedient, and good-natured was very important to us. When Pearl returned home, she no longer tried to herd our children when they played together in the backyard.  I was especially appreciative of videos Emily sent while our puppy was in her care, so we could see the tools she uses to train and can continue to implement at home.  The training was just as much for us, as it was for Pearl.  Emily is very impressive!"



Emily Ward

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